Sales Contracts and Pricing

We do not use the term “Pet Quality”. All of our Japanese Akitas are bred and raised to be wonderful, lifelong companions to their future families regardless of their intended purpose. We put no less effort in raising a puppy which is meant for a pet home vs a puppy which is meant for a show/performance home.  Our pricing and contracts are dependent on whether a puppy is of standard or non-standard quality. Although each breeding is planned only with parents who we feel will produce outstanding puppies, there is always the possibility that nature will throw us a curve ball and a puppy will have an attribute(s) which is out of breed standard.


Prices have been updated as of 2023 to reflect the rising costs of veterinary care, dog husbandry, and health testing.

All standard puppies: $3,000.

All non-standard puppies: $2,500.

Long coat puppies: $1,500.

Standard vs. Non-Standard

Standard vs. non-standard criteria is based on whether or not the dog meets the breed standard. Puppies that meet the breed standard are sold at the standard puppy price and are eligible for full registration contracts. Puppies that have an attribute(s) which does not meet the breed standard are sold at the non-standard rate. All non-standard puppies are sold with limited registration.

Full Registration 

Dogs sold under full registration contracts are standard quality and have no requirement to be spayed or neutered. The contract does not limit the new owners breeding rights for the dog. However, full registration contracts are only offered to prospective buyers who pass our show/breeding application process. Full registration for a Japanese Akita puppy includes AKIHO and UKC registration in the owner’s name and a year of membership in both AKIHO and JACA. Both breed clubs have bylaws which outline how the dog can be bred and cared for. A prospective owner must agree to the club bylaws before a puppy will be sold to them with a full registration contract.

Limited Registration

All dogs sold to pet homes will be under a limited registration contract. In addition, there are requirements for the dog be spayed/neutered by a certain age or the dog may be spayed/neutered before it leaves our house. Puppies sold under limited registration come with an AKIHO pedigree and limited UKC registration. All non-standard puppies are sold with a limited privilege contract. Owners interested in a standard pup may choose the limited privilege contract if they do not wish to show or breed.