We plan each litter with the intent to produce puppies with good temperament and health. Although each breeding is selected with type and looks in mind, our focus remains on healthy pups that are pleasant to live with. We only consider a pairing after we ensure that each parent passes their hip, eye, and thyroid evaluations. Results of these evaluations for each dog is included on their respective page.

All of our breeding dogs are registered with AKIHO, the breed parent club in Japan, and UKC.

Our puppies are whelped and raised indoors as part of the family. While they are here, they are introduced to normal household noises and activities and to people of all ages. Our litters are raised following the Puppy Culture protocols as organized by Jane Killion. Please visit the puppy culture site to read more about what puppy culture means.

We are constantly evaluating each puppy as it grows so that we can make the best placement decisions for both the future families and the puppy. Each new owner will receive a complete set of notes on their puppy from the day it is born to the day it goes home.

Planned litters are announced here so please check back often and contact us with any questions you might have.

We are always accepting inquiries on future litters and welcome any questions that you may have. We don’t produce a litter unless we can ensure that each puppy will have a loving home waiting for it. Please review our placement process for more information if you are interested in getting a puppy from us.