Gokkai was imported from Hokkaido prefecture, Japan in 2019 at two years old. While there, he was shown in the AKIHO ring and did quite well, earning 1st placement in his class twice. We are very grateful for the opportunity to bring him here and look forward to working with him.

Gokkai is an exceptional male. We are extremely pleased with his affectionate and loving personality towards all people. Additionally, we are very happy with the fact that he gets along well with both male and female dogs. As such, he is a wonderful breed ambassador. Gokkai embodies the type that we want to produce at Shiranui Kennels. In particular, we love his coat, head, beautiful structure, and movement.


Registered NameHokkai No Ryuu Go Konatsu RUNN
Call NameGokkai
AKIHO #17-3186
UKC #TL052676
ColorSilver Brindle
Born10 APRIL 2017


E/e may contribute colored or white
kbr/- may contribute brindle
L/L will contribute normal coat, cannot contribute long coat 


OFA Hips: Good, May 31st 2019
OFA Eyes: Pending
OFA Thyroid: Normal, June 2019

OFA Results


Hokuto No Ryuu Go KonatsuKurozou Go MinatomaruKouki Go Misaki Ootanisou
Shimon Go Minatomaru
Shiranamihime Go MinatomaruDairyuu Go Minatomaru
Kurumi Go Motodatesou
Mika Go KonatsuDairyuu Go MinatomaruDaiyuu Go Misaki Otanisou
Tsubomi Go Minatomaru
Sakurahime Go KonatsuKurozou Go Minatomaru
Shiranamihime Go Minatomaru
New Precision Coursing Title: Novice Sprinter (RUNN) June 15 2019

Show History

Specialty Show
  • Dec 2 2018: 139th Honbuten at AKIHO Headquarters in Odate, Japan. Sohken Male 11th. Judge: Unknown
  • Oct 28 2018: AKIHO Sohken Male 1st. Judge: Hironari Miura
  • N.D. 81st Hakodate Branch Show Wakainu Male 2nd. Judge: Unknown
  • N.D. 101th Tohoku Hokkaido Division Show Yoken Male 1st. Judge: Unknown
All Breed UKC
  • August 10, 2019: Best of Breed. Group 3. Judge Debra Florek. 
  • August 11, 2019: Best of Breed. Group 1. Judge Jennifer Landers.

† Competition Win towards Champion/Grand Champion

Japanese Breed Exclusive
International Show