Our History

Our introduction into Japanese breeds began with two Shiba Inu; Shippo and Okami. Through networking with other owners of Japanese breeds, we discovered and fell in love with the Japanese Akita. We are specifically attracted to their dignity, loyalty to family, dedication to their special person,  and calm accepting natures.

We began our journey by researching Japanese Akita breeders and were happy with the type and breeding practices of Claire Matthews of Kaiju Kennels.  Two years later, we had the opportunity to purchase Senka (a red brindle female) and happily accepted. She has proven to be a wonderful addition and has consistently done well with showing. Senka achieved her UKC championship title at only 6 months old. Additionally, she loves performance events and is doing very well in Nosework and Barnhunt.

Next, we decided to look for a male. We wanted an older, proven male that has produced healthy puppies with good temperament. Again, Claire was our answer. After contacting her and discussing our needs, we purchased her stud dog, King Ghidora who we think will compliment Senka nicely in terms of temperament and type.

We are thrilled with our entry into the world of showing/breeding Japanese Akita and plan to work closely with our mentor, Claire Matthews, as we move into breeding these wonderful dogs.